Now your children can be both present and future-fit to thrive in the 21st century!

Positive Me!

This is 8 weekly program designed for children 6 -12 years of age to inculcate important life-long skills through practice and reinforcement.


Positive Psychology -  Mindset Education and training aims to achieve a strengthening and positive transformation in the thoughts and formation of healthy attitudes in children.

The applications of cultivating a “growth mindset” fosters the child’s basic world view, instills empowering beliefs and influences the formation of healthy self-concept, personal confidence and a resilient attitude.

Lively discussions, real-life case studies and practical scenarios will be employed in class to engage deeper student learning through the concepts and applications for growth mindset, gratitude and resilience training.

Emotional/ Social emotional development is positively encouraged through Breath Work, group socialization activities and having an inclusive, positively regarding and respectful attitude towards others in class.

The weekly format allows more opportunities for children to find and express their authentic voices, it allows trainers and parents a longer tracking period to measure weekly progress. This promotes positive self-esteem- leading to improved behaviour and a happier state of mind.

Children will graduate with a certificate of Completion after 4 lessons which lends a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of success.

The exercises learnt can be easily applied seamlessly into their daily routine to maximize their full potential.


Explore and each other.

Positive Kids will kick start the day with Brain Booster exercises and Kids Yoga to:

  • Enhance focus and concentration
  • Build confidence
  • Improve coordination
  • Increase strength and flexibility


Learn to get quiet on the inside; identify how our body responds to the way we think feel, and act.

Positive Kids will cool down with Breath work (Conscious breathing exercises) and Mindful seeing, listening, smelling & movement activities to:

  • Increase ability to relax
  • Improve self-regulation skills
  • Respond to stressful situations better
  • Increase attention span and improve memory


Develop the ability to sit back and look inside yourself, and positively recognize the areas of corrections to your actions or attitude that may be necessary.

Positive Kids will end the day with Journaling & Growth mindset practice to:

  • Improve performance and motivation to learn
  • See the connection between action and result; they can achieve their goals by working hard
  • Recognize fixed mindset thoughts and how to replace them with growth mindset thoughts
  • Reflect upon the things they’re thankful for to increase positive emotions and optimism











24 Feb, 3 Mar, 10 Mar, 17 Mar, 31 Mar, 7 Apr, 14 Apr, 21 Apr (Saturdays)

2:30pm - 4pm

6 - 12 yrs

15 max - $530 per child, inclusive of course notes, materials, activity workbook, take home laminated charts and certificate of completion.

$500 + $30 (Course notes and Materials fees) = $530.

Early Bird Promotion: $477 (By 24th Jan 2018)

Sibling/ Buddy Special: $453.15

Past Participant- $425 (15%) 

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